Physical processes in lakes and oceans

Washington, DC: American Geophysical Union, 1998. First edition (presumed; no earlier dates stated). Hardcover. White octavo, ix, 668 pages, b&w illustrations, maps ; 24 cm. Extremely faint rubbing to spine head and foot, bright pages, tight binding, else Near fine(+). Item #88009
ISBN: 0875902685

Coastal and estuarine studies, #54. || Out of print. || Lakes, Oceans. || Contents: Flux Paths in a Stratified Lake: A Review / J. Imberger -- Surface Layer Dynamics -- Air-Water Exchange Processes / M.A. Donelan -- Turbulent Flux of Water Vapor in Relation to the Wave Field and Atmospheric Stratification / K.B. Katsaros -- On the Structure of the Upper Oceanic Boundary Layer and the Impact of Surface Waves / A. Anis -- Large Eddies in the Surface Mixed Layer and Their Effects on Mixing, Dispersion and Biological Cycling / M. Li, C. Garrett -- Velocity, Temperature and Spatial Structure of Langmuir Circulation / D. Farmer, J. Gemmrich, V. Polonichko -- On Wavy Mean Flows, Langmuir Cells, Strain, and Turbulence / S.G. Monismith, J.J.M. Magnaudet -- Modeling of Atmospheric Forced Mixing on the Shallow Shelf / I.D. Lozovatsky, A.S. Ksenofontov -- Large Inflow-Driven Vortices in Lake Constance / E. Hollan -- Forced Basin Scale Motions -- Forced Motion Response in Enclosed Lakes / K. Hutter, G. Bauer, Y. Wang, P. Guting -- Excitation of Internal Seiches by Periodic Forcing / E. Bauerle -- Thermohaline Transitions / E.C. Carmack, K. Aagaard, J.H. Swift, R.G. Perkin, F.A. McLaughlin, R.W. Macdonald, E.P. Jones -- Exchange Flows in Lakes / P.F. Hamblin -- Gyres Measured by ADCP in Lake Biwa / M. Kumagai, Y. Asada, S. Nakano -- Circulation, Convection and Mixing in Rotating, Stratified Basins with Sloping Topography / P.B. Rhines -- Internal Wave Motions -- Internal Solitary Waves in Shallow Seas and Lakes / R. Grimshaw -- Two Interesting Internal Wave Rays: A Comparison Between Numerical and Laboratory Results / A. Javam, S.G. Teoh, J. Imberger, G.N. Ivey -- Breaking Internal Waves and Fronts in Rotating Fluids / A.V. Fedorov, W.K. Melville -- A Laboratory Demonstration of a Mechanism for the Production of Secondary, Internal Gravity-Waves in a Stratified Fluid / T. Maxworthy, J. Imberger, A. Saggio -- Direct Numerical Simulation of Wave-Mean Flow and Wave-Wave Interactions: A Brief Perspective / C-L. Lin, J.R. Koseff, J.H. Ferziger, S.G. Monismith -- Momentum Exchange Due to Internal Waves and Wakes Generated by Flow Past Topography in the Atmosphere and Lakes / P.G. Baines -- In Search of Holmboe's Instability / G.A. Lawrence, S.P. Haigh, Z. Zhu -- Turbulent Mixing -- Estimation and Geography of Diapycnal Mixing in the Stratified Ocean / M.C. Gregg -- Special Closure for Stratified Turbulence / J. Weinstock -- Turbulent Mixing in Stably Stratified Flows: Limitations and Adaptations of the Eddy Diffusivity Approach / H.J.S. Fernando, J.C.R. Hunt, E.J. Strang, A.L. Berestov, I.D. Lozovatsky -- Intermittency of Internal Wave Shear and Turbulence Dissipation / C.H. Gibson -- Buoyancy Fluxes in a Stratified Fluid / G.N. Ivey, J. Imberger, J.R. Koseff -- Mixing Processes in a Highly Stratified River / S. Yoshida, M. Ohtani, S. Nishida, P.F. Linden -- Stratified Turbulence: Field, Laboratory and DNS Data / H. Yamazaki, D. Ramsden -- Influence of Topography and the Benthic Boundary Layer -- Waves, Mixing, and Transports over Sloping Boundaries / C.C. Eriksen -- Some Dynamical Effects of Internal Waves and the Sloping Sides of Lakes / S.A. Thorpe -- Finescale Dynamics of Stratified Waters Near a Sloping Boundary of a Lake / U. Lemmin, R. Jiang, S.A. Thorpe -- Breaking of Super-Critically Incident Internal Waves at a Sloping Bed / I.P.D. De Silva, J. Imberger, G.N. Ivey -- Bottom Boundary Mixing: The Role of Near-Sediment Density Stratification / A. Wuest, M. Gloor -- Turbulent Benthic Boundary Layer Mixing Events in Fresh Water Lakes / C. Lemckert, J. Imberger -- Importance of Transport and Mixing on Ecological Processes -- Using Measurements of Variable Chlorophyll-a Fluorescence to Investigate the Influence of Water Movement on the Photochemistry of Phytoplankton / R.L. Oliver, J. Whittington -- Plants in Motion: Physical -- Biological Interaction in the Plankton / C.S. Reynolds -- Turbulent Mixing and Resource Supply to Phytoplankton / S. MacIntyre -- The Influence of Biogeochemical Processes on the Physics of Lakes / D.M. Imboden -- Hydrodynamic vs. Non-Hydrodynamic Influences on Phosphorus Dynamics During Episodic Events / Y.P. Sheng, X. Chen, S. Schofield -- Coupling of Hydrobiology and Hydrodynamics: Lakes and Reservoirs / M. Straskraba -- 3D Modeling of Water Quality Transport Processes with Time and Space Varying Diffusivity Tensors / C. Dejak, R. Pastres, I. Polenghi, C. Solidoro, G. Pecenik.

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